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Finding the right dress

During the planning stages, there are so many decisions that will be made. After a couple has decided upon where they wish to be married, one of the most common questions is what to wear?

If the site of the wedding is on a tropical beach, we suggest a light weight dress. Brides have a great choice of short, knee length or long dresses. Try to stay away from dresses with long trains. They usually don't work well on the beach.

The fabric of the dress is very important. Stick with fabric that can breathe. The fabrics that work are: chiffon, crepe, cotton eyelet, cotton organdy, organza, Georgette and voile. Satins do not give you this possibility.

Also, you can have fun with colors! If you wish to stay more traditional then white, ivory or champagne are beautiful choices. But, why not go with a little color? Peach, pink, yellow or your favorite color.

In addition to the dress, you will want to choose something beautiful to wear in your hair. Veils don't work so well on the beach because they tend to blow in a different direction than you want it to go. Tiaras, floral halos, jewel hairpieces work extremely well and will give you that princess look that you want!

How will you know that it is the right dress? When you go shopping and you look in the mirror, you will know that this is the dress that you wish to be married in.

The bottom line: Have fun shopping.

Karen Emery

A Wedding For You, Inc.

Home of Destination Weddings

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