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Once you have decided to have a destination wedding,

the next step is figuring out where you wish to go and how to get there.

A Wedding For You, Inc. and Cruise Planners, an American Express representative

has teamed up to make the process stress-free!

The easiest way to decide where to have your wedding is to call Cruise Planners.

954-473-4860 or 866-832-7847.

Vinny & Michael group

When would you like to go? The time of year may determine your decision.   Great weather vs affordable travel time. We take everything into consideration!

Tonia & Jason

How long do you want to travel? You might like to take a seven night cruise but that might not be possible for your friends and family.  We can talk about the options.

Amelia & Clark

Where you wish to depart from? Figuring out the cruise departure will also determine costs for you and your guests. Some people might have to fly or may be able to drive.

Sara & Wil

Working with a company that gets to know you and your family and the needs of the individuals within the group, helps to make the process seamless and everyone enjoys the planning stages.

While some couples want to make their wedding cruise their honeymoon, others return to the original port of call and then depart on an intimate honeymoon for just themselves.

Jennie & Kurt

The proven team of A Wedding For You and Cruise Planners assures the perfect wedding cruise! Call us and let us work our magic for your wedding and create memories to last a lifetime!

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