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Flowers For Your Wedding

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The flowers in the wedding are the icing on the cake.  

It is the focal point of the wedding
(with the exception of the bride)
and sets the tone for the theme.

Just as though there are hundreds of bridal dresses to choose from, there are thousands of flower options
to compliment the attire.

The bouquets should not take over the the theme
but work with the lines of the dress, the fabric,

the colors and the personality of the bride herself.

One bouquet is not right for every bride.
Whether you wish to have live flowers
or silk ones to last a lifetime,
give yourself a moment to see what works for you.

We can assist with this.  

It is one of the areas that we love to help with.  

And a lot of fun!



Silk Flowers

We have wonderful floral designers
who will work with live flowers or silks.

If we are coordinating your wedding, 

we would be delighted to price

the bouquet of your dreams.

Whether we are coordinating your wedding or not, we can offer beautiful silk bouquets for

the bride and entire wedding party.

Please click the images below to get some idea of what we can do for your wedding!

Live Flowers

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