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Social Media Concierge

You curate every moment of your life on social media,

why should you biggest moment be any different?


During your wedding you shouldn't be bothered with creating the perfect Instagram shot or the right position for a Facebook live stream of your ceremony.

Your guests should be able to put their phones away and simply enjoy your special day, and guests who couldn't make it - especially for those destination weddings - should be able to delight in every moment as well. 


A Wedding For You has the solution! 


Social Media Coordinators are available for every budget, in every state,

to attend your wedding and post, tweet

and livestream all of the festivities on your behalf. 


Pre-wedding our team will help you create a wedding Facebook page and hashtag as well as assistance in coordinating your social media communications with guests. 


During the wedding we have options that range from a 3-hour posting package to a weekend long curation package that includes live streaming, multi-platform posting and photo sessions to enhance your coverage of your big day (

and maybe even gain you more followers too!). 


For package details, pricing and to find out more, please email


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